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DevOps/Software Engineer

Annapolis Junction, MD
Belay Technologies has been voted #1 for Baltimore Business Journal's (BBJ) Best Places to Work!  
Belay Technologies is seeking a DevOps/Software Engineer with the following required experience: 
·          Active government security clearance with poly
-          Unix/Linux environments (bash, scripting, ftp, .sh); basic DevOps; Puppet
·          Java, Java Spring Frameworks, general open source Java libraries
·          RESTful Web/Reactive Services (Java/Spring/SpringBoot)
·          Containerization of services via Docker (e.g., DockerHub/Harbor, YAML files)
·          Docker orchestration software (e.g., Kubernetes); multi-master/node configuration; persistent volumes, virtual network configuration; Zookeeper/BookKeeper 
·          Development/staging/production environment management, to include deployment to production (outage requests, etc.)
·          Automated build/deployment environments - production, staging, development (e.g., Maven, Jenkins, Git, Argo); tag/release/build processes

Desired skills:
·          Cloud-based data queuing, batching, and messaging (e.g., Kafka Messaging, Kafka Streams, NiFi)
·          Cloud-based streaming analytic environments with big data ingestion/processing (e.g., Heron, Storm, Flink)
·          SQL, NoSQL, and caching databases (e.g., MySQL, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Redis)
·          Experience with distributed monitoring/logging software (e.g., Prometheus, Grafana, Kabana)
·          Agile development practices (e.g., Scrum/Sprints, Jira/Confluence)   
·          Experience with Geo/Mapping technologies (e.g., WMS, WKT, GeoTools)
·          Understanding of customer data feeds/types/formats
·          Understanding of customer AEA/MWS and other corporate services
·          Understanding of customer certification, compliance and policy topics
·          Understanding of customer networks (protection levels, etc.)

Lead the Way 
Belay wants you to lead the way - push boundaries, offer ideas, create solutions, and be a part of something great with Team Belay!  Our team is full of technology pioneers who take the smartest approach, never accept the status quo, and are excited about making a difference!!
Our team leads:
  • Ideas; white papers, new technologies, improving existing infrastructure and introducing solutions...Belay was built on ideas
  • Growth; Be the Captain of your Fate!  Share your aspirations and Belay will pave the way with conferences, education, mentorship and hands-on exposure to new and exciting things
  • Development; step up, be instrumental in our growth and business efforts and you will be met with an open door to new experiences as leaders in a growing company
  • Benefits; your feedback determines our offerings, which improve constantly based on your needs
  • Giving: You tell us what is important to you and Belay will support your personal cause and charitable efforts, we’ve paid donations and volunteered to causes special to our team
  • Fun; You give us ideas and we deliver in a big way, with go-kart racing, rock climbing, swanky casino nights, skeet shooting, happy hours and more!
Make a difference and have fun with Team Belay!!

Perks and Benefits
Belay Technologies offers an extensive benefits package, including:
- 8 weeks in paid leave (4 weeks of personal leave, take off on your birthday, 3 days of Yay! leave, 10 paid holidays, and optional leave up to 6 days through Belay's volunteer program)
- 6% matching in 401(k) contributions vested on day one
- $5,000 annual training/tuition or the option to use that money to pay off student loans
- Rich medical coverage (100% coinsurance, no copays) with a fully funded Health Savings Account with up to $3000 in annual contributions from Belay
- Dental coverage including orthodontia
- Up to $420,000 in life insurance, life insurance and disability premiums covered 100% by Belay
- Pet insurance, generous referral bonus program, company sponsored lunches and events, and many more!
Think you know someone who might be right for the job? Refer them to LeadTheWay@belaytech.com and you may be eligible for a referral reward up to  $10,000!
What We Do
Belay Technologies provides leading technology and engineering solutions to the DoD, as well as state-of-the-art commercial products. We are a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in the Baltimore/Washington area, and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We hire software engineers, web designers, test engineers, systems engineers, systems administrators, database engineers and other tech services.
Key words: Full Clearance, Fort Meade, SDVOSB, Service-disabled veteran owned small business, DoD, SWE3; BR, TTO68
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