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Senior Test Engineer - Cleared Position!

Annapolis Junction, MD
Belay Technologies has been voted #1 for Baltimore Business Journal's (BBJ) Best Places to Work!  

Belay is conducting phone interviews for a Senior Test Engineer position based in Annapolis Junction, MD. You should have experience with network skills and protocols, as well as experience with linux and windows OS. The position also requires experience with testing methodology and attack and penetration testing. All candidates must hold an active DoD security clearance at the highest level.

You should have at least eight (8) years experience as a Test Engineer in programs and contracts of similar scope, type and complexity.

General requirements and duties: 
a) Conduct research into and apply knowledge of Government test and evaluation concepts and related engineering, acquisition, and operations activities as needed to support the T&E activities
b) Plan and execute Performance Analysis
c) Assess operational and system performance requirements for testability and criticality to frame and prioritize T&E objectives and enable evaluation planning
d) Review planned acquisition approaches to support T&E schedule alignment with decision maker needs for T&E support
e) Coordinate with program Systems Engineering (SE) and review T&E-related SE information to leverage functional analysis, system descriptions, parameter selection and dependencies, modeling and simulation, and initial performance risk assessments to inform evaluation planning
f) Assess operational environments and priorities for evaluation attention and scenario selection, and to coordinate user participation in T&E
g) Analyze performance risk areas to focus T&E planning
h) Specify, validate, and adapt modeling and simulation for T&E use
i) Plan program and event level risk-tailored performance estimation and analysis of system and operational effectiveness and suitability metrics and conditions; level of T&E include inspection, demonstration, paper analysis, survey, simulation, and physical test
j) Apply statistical analysis of variations in performance behavior to characterize confidence in performance estimates
k) Design surveys for evaluation of Subject Matter Expert (SME) input and user assessments of performance
l) Select, develop, & use analysis tools
m) Participate in the T&E Working-level Integrated Product Team (WIPT) and/or Integrated Test Team for coordination of evaluation plans
n) Execute the evaluation plan on data collected by the Testing Tasks
o) Produce Evaluation Plans (metric framework, scenarios/threads, timelines, requirements/T&E cross-walk), Analysis Plans, Data Requirements, Risk Assessments, Evaluation Reports, Status Reports; provide input to Government T&E products (e.g., Technology Readiness Assessments, Test & Evaluation Strategy, Test & Evaluation Master Plan, T&E Plans and Procedures, and Test Readiness Reports)
p) Plan and execute performance data collection
q) Plan program and event level testing for collection of data required for analysis and to sync T&E events with supported decision points
r) Design data sampling schemes to optimize the information/resource balance and to control testing uncertainties
s) Select, coordinate, and calibrate instrumentation, collection, and data management tools, targets and facilities
t) Ensure test readiness including training of test event participants regarding conduct of the event; equipment readiness, and security, legal, and privacy compliance arrangements
u) Establish and employ Data & Configuration Management capabilities
v) Support Data Authentication group functions; and comply with program Discrepancy Reporting criteria and processes
w) Participate in T&E WIPT and/or Integrated Test Team for coordination of data collection plans
x) Execute testing and data collection per plan
y) Produce associated Test Plans, Procedures, and Reports/Briefings, Data Management Plan
z) Define and provide technical direction and guidance for the Level 1 and Level 2 TEs assigned to the task.
aa) Recommend draft plans and reports from the Level 1 and Level 2 tasks for approval by the task leader
bb) Work directly with the Government sponsor to coordinate task implementation
cc) Maintain knowledge of current and evolving agency, national, and international standards applicable to the system development of interest
dd) Provide overall leadership of the T&E task and serve as primary liaison to the government for supporting contract coordination and task execution
ee) Manage T&E resources and tasks; ensure quality assurance of test processes and products
ff) Coordinate and integrate evaluation and testing tasks and products
gg) Participate in T&E WIPT and/or Integrated Test Team as needed to ensure proper coordination of T&E activities
hh) Communicate issues and solutions to the broader government and contract management structure as requested by leadership
ii) Drive innovation and responsiveness to program changes and evolving T&E status to help manage program risk: develop alternative courses of action, work-arounds, and fall-back positions with a recommended course of action for each risk, and monitor and re-evaluate risks at appropriate milestones
jj) Ensure the appropriate level of independence of the team from the solution provider to support government management of objectivity risk

Perks and Benefits
Belay Technologies offers an extensive benefits package, including:
- Up to 8 weeks in paid leave (4 weeks of personal leave, 3 days of Yay! leave, 10 paid holidays, and optional leave up to 6 days through Belay's volunteer program)
- 6% matching in 401(k) contributions vested on day one
- $5,000 annual training/tuition or the option to use that money to pay off student loans
- Rich medical coverage (100% coinsurance, no copays) with a fully funded Health Savings Account with up to $3000 in annual contributions from Belay
- Dental coverage including orthodontia
- Up to $420,000 in life insurance, life insurance and disability premiums covered 100% by Belay
- Pet insurance, generous referral bonus program, company sponsored lunches and events, and many more!
Think you know someone who might be right for the job? Refer them to LeadTheWay@belaytech.com and you may be eligible for a referral reward up to  $10,000!
What We Do
Belay Technologies provides leading technology and engineering solutions to the DoD, as well as state-of-the-art commercial products. We are a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in the Baltimore/Washington area, and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We hire software engineers, web designers, test engineers, systems engineers, systems administrators, database engineers and other tech services.
Key words: Full Clearance, Fort Meade, SDVOSB, Service-disabled veteran owned small business, DoD, SQ5578;
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